Why 411?

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We have heard you say, “I can publicize my product and business better than a professional, because I invented, started, initiated, concocted, produced, originated, dreamed it.  It is mine, and I know it better then anyone else.”  “It is true that the avenues of promotion are there,” agrees Leslie T. McClure, founder of 411 Development, but only a marketing expert knows which path will actually lead to success.

In you zeal to elevate your product or business from obscurity to public acceptance, it is easy to be seduced by the myriad of publicity sources available in the convoluted Public Relations market. Be cautious, as well as resistant to the lure of costly suggestions, and beware of entanglement in an unfamiliar web of overly expensive advertising campaigns.  Explore options.  Ask questions. Do not exhaust your funds!

Let us represent you. Once entrusted with your creation, we will launch a customized publicity campaign, professionally monitored to be cost effective and successful.  Experience cannot be falsified.  When you place your faith in 411 Development, you are assured of efficiency, competency and expertise.